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A Week's Passing is a short video game made for Ludum Dare 38. In it, you take the role of a student over the course of a school week.

Everything was made by Iseeicy on the Unity Engine, with the exception of most ambient noise, and Unity's default FPSController.


  • (v1.1) - Fixed collisions on the PC
    (v1.1) - Fixed UI scaling bug

  • (v1.2 POST-LD) - Touched up the home area by adding more stuff and making the front door more apparent
  • (v1.2 POST-LD) - Added new footstep sounds
  • (v1.2 POST-LD) - Made student's shirts randomize colors
  • (v1.2 POST-LD) - Updated the bus stop area to look a bit nicer
  • (v1.2 POST-LD) - Gave interactable objects an arrow that appears above them
  • (v1.2 POST-LD) - Added music to the main menu
  • (v1.2 POST-LD) - Fixed a texture import bug where NPC textures were filtered incorrectly
  • (v1.2 POST-LD) - Fixed a bug where the "quest" text would flash before fading in

  • (v1.3 POST-LD) - Tweaked a few sounds
  • (v1.3 POST-LD) - Added a camera focusing feature that moves the camera towards an NPC that's addressing the player.
  • (v1.3 POST-LD) - Modeled a cool alarm clock

You can find an experimental html5 version HERE.

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Published 147 days ago
TagsLudum Dare 38, walking-simulator
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A_Weeks_Passing-1.2 (POST-LD)(x86).zip (118 MB)
A_Weeks_Passing-1.2 (POST-LD)(x64).zip (120 MB)
A_Weeks_Passing-1.1 (x86).zip (107 MB)
A_Weeks_Passing-1.1 (x64).zip (109 MB)
A_Weeks_Passing-1.0.zip (216 MB)