A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


As of 8/1/2020, [ 66 DOWN ] is not functional. Download and attempt at your own risk - though I imagine that twitch will not be reverting whatever API changes they've made to break the game.

Thank you for stopping by!! I appreciate it :)

[ 66 DOWN ]

[ 66 DOWN ] is a game aimed at twitch streamers specifically. In [ 66 DOWN ], you (the streamer) have to sacrifice 66% percent of your chat. The chat is given a prompt / scenario that they use to defend themselves. Each chat message is picked up by the game, and inserted into an NPC for each chat member participating. It is your job as a streamer to judge the responses that each chat member gives. If they don't live up to your standards, then you sacrifice them!

Do I need to be a twitch.tv streamer to play?

There's two ways of playing [ 66 DOWN ]. Either you stream the game to a chat audience of at least 3 people, or you participate in the chat of another twitch streamer playing the game.

Also!! If you're streaming this, please @ me on twitter! I'd love to pop in for a round or two! ~Iseeicy


Move       - WASD
Interact   - E or Left Click
Pause      - Escape
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tagslivestream, Ludum Dare 43, party-game, twitch
LinksLudum Dare


[ 66 DOWN ] - 1.0.1 - Windows x64.zip 30 MB
[ 66 DOWN ] - 1.0 - MacOS.app.zip 33 MB
[ 66 DOWN ] - 1.0 - Linux (x86 + x64).zip 47 MB


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Has anyone asked you about helping to fix the game? What's it made in?

I'm familiar with twitch's api and irc, my experience is mostly python but I have some knowledge of c++, c# and unity

estoy triste


idk if you're still developing this, but if you're looking for somebody to help stress test and such, wayneradiotv just offered over on his twitch channel!


[ 66 DOWN ] is not even remotely in active development, although I wouldn't mind polishing it up into a cleaner experience if there's a want for it.

I'll try to get in contact, thanks for the heads up! I wouldn't have known that Wayne streamed it without this comment lol.

Played with some streamers during Ludum Dare play-testing, great entertainment, good design!