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Hey Iseeicy. I am making a new 2d Game. Its called Taxi's HomeTraveling Adventure. I will show you the link. I made a 2d Game called The Hoverboard Homefinder. If you want to play it, go on Have fun. Comment what you think of the game I made (The Hoverboard HomeFinder).  Have fun.  And feel good! STAY TUNED!!! Edit: I finished my new game. If you want to play it, go on

Mystman12 Thanked you for helping him solve the mouse issue bug problem. :)

I visited when I clicked your game link mystman12 typed on Baldi_1_3_2 Changelog - Mouse Issues Fixed

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My written review featuring DREAMS OF BEING

" . . . Dreams of Being functions by subverting player’s expectations of ‘game’. Not unlike our own sleepy subconsciousness, the world is tied together through strange passageways, repeating symbols, and — without revealing the technique by which this is done — images familiar to the player."
Also, above, Iseeicy, accidentally, as a character in their own game while testing online features


Hi there,

I'm working on a review that would include this game, and while I was really excited about the concept, there's a few issues I'm experiencing. If you have the time, I'd appreciate the input.

Firstly, even when I disabled itch's sandbox mode, the game doesen't seem to be accessing my image files, even though they're stored in default Windows 'pictures' folder. It also didn't use any bookmark URLs, and I don't suspect anti-virus protection is the issue. Should I try installing to a different location? Could you explain how/where the game gathers external files from? My permissions show that the game should have 'full control'.

Secondly, based on a video that I watched, there should be a sigil placed on the side of a certain speaker. For me, though, it's not appearing. Reading the update logs, it looks like it may have been moved... I respect if you're asked enough times already for hints, but I've found every sigil but one, and feel I've scoured pretty deep.

Thanks, you've made an interesting experience


Do you have an email / discord / twitter that we can DM on?

I'll setup a Twitter and DM you as soon as I get a chance to - thanks

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the game took all of the images that it uses from my porn collection and now there's naked women everywhere



Hello :) Game is very beautiful!


It’s wonderful!!!



I did a 20 minute play and I would have liked to have played longer but due to time restrictions I had to leave. This is a pretty neat idea for a game and I can see you spent some time putting this together so well done.

All the best 


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Hey buddy , I really loved this game, principally at the end, the multiverse idea was fantastic. How could I join in another universe? I couldn't find the answer to this problem XD.


Wow! Really liked this one. From the minimal look to the meta-trippy conclusion, one of the more complete and quality indie games I've played in a while! You guys did great work, and I really liked all the references and things too. 

Made a Lumps Play for anyone who may need help with some of the symbols and things. Hope you enjoy it as much as I liked the game!

Cheers. 🍻

Can you make a mac version of this game?


I've been trying but I haven't had any success recently :(
Ideally I want to get my MacOS virtual machine running because I don't have easy access to any macs... If that happens any time soon I'll shoot you a reply!


Okay. Thank you.

I just got a MacOS VM!
Expect a Mac version in the next two weeks or so :)

Wow. Awesome. Thank you.

A mac version has been released, just over two weeks later ;)
Please tell me if you encounter any crashes as the MacOS VM I have is less than usable (although it still proved to be semi-helpful).