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I was just around the corner,  then I heard somebody playing happy birthday on the keyboard- I feel so lonely. Lonely. Lonely...

I feel so.. lonely.

Never got the chance to play this when it was online, but i imagine it was a lot like The Club, just a bunch of anonymous people chilling out and doing dumb stuff, exploring a really weird sandbox


is the offline mode tracked, like will i be in it if someone else plays it, or is it the last tracked game before it crashes the game?

The offline version is not tracked. The servers are no longer online as the jam has ended - so the offline version is basically an archive of what the server became :) 

Thank you for playing!


This was actually quite fun. Though there's not much to it, just running around, exploring every nook and cranny while playing random music was made really entertaining. Nicely done.


I like the concept behind this one! Weird/surreal concept games are my niche. Putting aside the cool context it's a fun little game with a interactive musical element; interested to see what it turns out like once it gets swamped with people and creates an unholy cacophony. Good job! 


I wasn't sure what to make of this one but let's see how it grows. It could be very interesting well done devs.

All the best