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I am actively developing a fully featured version of You Played Yourself! This is just the jam version, which was made in under two weeks and is missing a lot of polish...

If you'd like to keep up with the new game, please visit my website!

Everything is calm on a foggy Sunday afternoon, when a mysterious portal tears through your dorm room's wall...

Created for the Movie Game Jam 2018, featuring a wonderful score by the one and only: Dr. Jedd

====| PATCH NOTES |====

1.2 (POST-JAM)

  • Added some volume sliders into the pause menu
  • Added some generally light post-processing
  • Added a light to the breaker room
  • Added Dr. Jedd's title music
  • Added new music for the Crate-Room and the Fake Janitor's room
  • Probably something else I forgot


  • Fixed a bug where players would get stuck in a certain dialog sequence
  • Fixed a mistake where incorrect music was playing in the Breaker Room
  • Half fixed a bug where portals render through walls
  • Fixed a bug where in order to complete the last objective, you needed to open your menu first


Released the game!


(POST-JAM) 1.2 (Windows x64).zip 346 MB
(POST-JAM) 1.2 (Linux Universal).zip 374 MB
1.1 (Windows x64).zip 335 MB
1.1 (Linux Universal).zip 360 MB
1.0 (Windows x64).zip 326 MB
1.0 (Linux Universal)_Data.zip 351 MB


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"I'm not a janitor, I just live here with my plants" XDDD


Made a video about this game. Love the random-ness and the unique-ness of the game :D

Guys we need some bomb ass screenshots i dont have any to share with this game :( ill try and make some when i actually play it tho


This game was pretty fun and unique. I loved the some of the random things people had to say.

Awesome game. The dialog was probably our favorite part. We didn't get to finish the whole thing, but we got pretty far. Gonna continue it later.

Wrote a little review about our experience with your game to let our fans know =]! Awesome work.


Had a great time playing this! Very challenging, funny, and creative. I'd love a sequel! 


Absolutely loved it! one of my favorite games!