Update 0.3 Released

Hey all,

Just pushed out version 0.3 of Dreams of Being. Below you can find a list of changes.

=====| 0.3 |=====

  • Fixed a COMPLETELY unintended jump-scare caused by buggy footstep noises (note: this game should not contain ANY jump-scares. That is not the direction I intend to take this game in)
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse wouldn't stay locked in the window sometimes
  • Made the fog transition in the School & Indoor Store super clean
  • Added soul-hands to VirtuaRidge
  • Moved the Order Sigil
  • Moved the Chaos Sigil
  • Moved the Contradiction Sigil
  • Revamped the indoor store area to more accurately reflect it's intended design
  • Modified the School area
  • 3(?) new areas

If you were unable to run the game in the past, this should fix the rare black screen bug at the start of the game.

Also, if you've already beaten Dreams of Being and you want to explore the few new areas, consider starting a new save.


Dreams of Being 0.3 - Windows x64.zip 342 MB
May 21, 2018
Dreams of Being 0.3 - Windows x86.zip 339 MB
May 21, 2018

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