Update 0.5 Released - The Multiverse

Hey all,
I am proud to announce that an uplink to the Multiverse has been implemented into Dreams of Being! With this in mind, in 0.5 you may come across other entities wandering about. The stability of this uplink has yet to be determined, but it should be fine... probably. I am lovingly calling this feature DoBO, which is short for Dreams of Being Online.

I've also polished some of the original areas a little bit more. Check out the changes below:

====| 0.5 |====

  • Linked up the multiverse
  • Fixed a few collision bugs
  • Fixed some graphical glitches in the CRT Forest
  • Revised the school area to include a viewable outside
  • Revised the lighting in the sewer
  • Added 1 friend to the sewer
  • Added a color changer room in the school
  • Added an ambient noise to each sigil


Dreams of Being 0.5 - Windows x64.zip 423 MB
Jun 10, 2018
Dreams of Being 0.5 - Windows x86.zip 421 MB
Jun 10, 2018

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Figures, as soon as the uplink is online, it drops over night... So much for stable. I know how to fix this, it just wont happen until later tonight.