A downloadable experiment

IMPORTANT: mass died on Monday, June 22, 2020 at 9:25:00 am CST.

The server is no longer online, and the download links have been removed. This page only serves as proof of the game's previous existence now.

...Do us a favor and make sure none of those go offline.

- Iseeicy

mass is a networked experiment. The game is an anchored point in cyberspace - meaning when you log in, you will see anybody else logged in as well.

mass is connected to four life-support modules. If any one of these modules go offline, the mass will begin to die.

If mass dies, the game shuts down forever.

This means that you - the player - or any other players - will need to log in to keep it online. Are you up for the task?

mass OST

The music found in mass can be downloaded here!


  • Iseeicy
    • Programming, Visual Design, Sound Design, & whatever else
  • Johhny Download
    • Modeling, Animation, Concepts, and Game Design
  • SJQ
    • Sound Design
  • Nesta
    • Music

Development log


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mass died on Monday, June 22, 2020 at 9:25:00 am CST. Thank you mass Experiment Uptime-Monitoring Effort and Legacy Support Team for keeping it alive this long.

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looks dope

Has it gone down? It's not connecting for me and I'm worried it's lost


no it is still online you just need to update to 1.2 it doesn't work if you aren't on the current version


Oh sweet, thanks! I was honestly kinda sad when I thought it was gone but I'm glad to hear it's still running

Unfortunatly, MASS is now offline..




i recommended this game to my favourite youtuber through a dono lets see if he plays it


this is such a good premise of a game and i love it keep up the good work icy

I know i said i would stop but i found a way to get to the very top layer of the machine thing

The amount of people playing is still melting my brain.


this person needs to look up (also imma stop with the being on top images)

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There are also invisible walls preventing you from falling (thank you Iseeicy) but there are also invisible walls from going to the very top part




it would be really cool if this game had some like story or lore that you could uncover the more you play or explore

yes dude

the premise its already cool but without a story to follow it is going to get old fast


Me and another player ended up on a big climbing expedition



hey im that other player


ayyy ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘‰

how did you do it

it is called spamming the space bar and positing yourself on the wire so you don't fall off

btw i tried to get on top of the little platform but it is actually impossible i tried everything

Is it possible to get around that 2nd cable in the first place?

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Don't know of a way to spoiler tag so I'm gonna be vague, but on the pink module there's something going on that means you can't repeat it after a certain point (unless you quit and rejoin)

Don't know whether that's on purpose or not?

Yes and no - it's a bug we've found but haven't patched. It's supposed to have a small cool down timer and reset but it appears that it never resets at all! The next patch we plan on putting out should have this fixed.

Deleted 2 years ago

This might count as sort of a spoiler so feel free to delete:

Pink: Simon Says

Yellow: make the "flow" through the tubes go to the lit up red arrow

Cyan: trial and error to start, remember the sequence

Blue: good question


Pretty good game! The only suggestion I have is that I got confused on what I was supposed to do on the first screen. I thought it was a loading screen XD My suggestion is maybe add a "Press Space" message on the bottom. Maybe that might help new players!


Good point! I've been seeing people struggling with this, definitely will get patched in the next version.

yes i also got confused when the game kicked me out but it was because i was not connected to the internet 


Really cool idea! I actually met someone in game 'D'


I'd love to see how you guys developed the aesthetic of it if you're interested in posting any dev log sort of stuff


This is dope I will protect Mass


Awesome game :D

Deleted 1 year ago

That's strange, it should be universal between the two from my understanding. I'll look into it right now, sorry you cant get in!!

Do you have a discord or twitter we can talk on to figure this out?

Nevermind I seem to have figured it out. The build is 64-bit - it just didn't have execute permissions for some reason. Mass 1.1b MacOSX should work :)

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